Trekking Tour inside a native forest in Chile

Meet hidden communities along the coast

7 days/6 nights trekking tour

This seven-day trekking tour takes you to the breathtaking coastal region around Caleta Condor, into the remote and pristine homeland of the indigenous Huilliche people. The hike takes you through dense primeval forests, along picturesque rivers and dreamy sandy beaches. Meet hidden communities along the coast and get to know and enjoy their traditional way of life and hearty cuisine.


Hike: Approx. 1 hour

This tour starts in Southern Chile’s Lake Region. We pick you up in Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt and make our way via Osorno to the Pacific coast. After two hours, we reach the village of Bahia Mansa, located in the coastal district San Juan de la Costa. On the way, we visit the family of Maria Huisca — a charismatic pioneer for the preservation and revival of Mapuche traditions. After lunch, she takes us through a small forest to show us the ceremonial site where the most important rituals are held.

Accommodation: Hostel in Maicolpue. (Lunch, dinner)

Hike: 8-9 hours

After a hearty breakfast, we start our trek through dense coastal forests to the village of Huellehue, where we spend the next two days. We pass through the typical native forest of Southern Chile with an impressive variety of plants, shrubs, vines, ferns and mosses, as well as mushrooms, insects, birds and other creatures. The trail leads alongside native trees, such as the coastal Olivillo, Luma, Tepu and the southern beech. A large part of these endemic plant species are found nowhere else in the world.

After a 20-minute boat ride, we reach the small village of Huellelhue on the banks of the river of the same name. The center of this Huilliche community are three houses and the local school. With an average of 12 students, this school takes care of the education of all the children in the area, including those from Caleta Condor.

Overnight in a Huilliche family house in Huellelhue. (Breakfast, boxed-lunch, dinner)

Today you are free to choose among various activities to spend the day. Possibilities are boat trips on the river, fishing, or a horse ride along the beach; a hike to discover the diverse wildlife of the area is very worthwhile as well. You are welcome to embrace the enthusiasm of the cook and help her to bake bread and typical empanadas.

Overnight in a Huilliche family house in Huellelhue. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Hike: Approx. 6 hours

A beautiful hike awaits you today, taking you past long sandy beaches that alternate with dense rainforest. We cross the last meters to the village Caleta Condor by boat; here we stay with a local family tonight. Located in a secluded bay, Caleta Condor is made up of around 30 families, most of them part of the Huilliche indigenous people. Their main sources of income are fishing, tourism and the production of wooden shingles from dead Alerce wood. Due to its very remote location — beneath the coastal cordillera and without access roads – the village still has no public power supply. This isolation has led to the fact that the natural integrity of the valleys, forests, and rivers of this region has been preserved until now.

Overnight in a Huilliche family house in Caleta Condor. (Breakfast, boxed-lunch, dinner)

Today is at leisure. Take it slow, or explore the beautiful surroundings on a short hike. As an alternative, the family Vasquez offers diving excursions in the bay of Caleta Condor.

Overnight in a Huilliche family house in Caleta Condor. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Hike: Approx. 5 hours

We leave the picturesque bay of Caleta Condor and cross through an area of almost untouched rainforests. Many young Alerce trees, once cut down for their precious wood and nowadays under protection, border our way. After several hours of hike, we reach the mountain hut, where we spend the last night in pristine nature.

Accommodation: Shared mountain hut. (Breakfast, boxed-lunch, dinner)

Hike: Approx. 4 hours

The last part of our trek leads mostly downhill. Enjoy beautiful sea views on the way! Once we arrive in Manquemapu, a transfer takes you back to “civilization” to Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt. (Breakfast)

Includes: 6 Nights accomodation as indicated, private transfers: Puerto Montt/Pto Varas to Maicolpue & Manquemapu to Puerto Montt/Pto Varas. Only on Day 01 german/english speaking guide, from day 02 to 07 local spanish speaking tour guide(s). All mentioned activities. Meals as indicated in the itinerary.