Traveling off-season to Torres del Paine has its benefits

Glacier view in National Park Torres del Paine

Chile is a country of natural wonders. One of them is Torres del Paine in Patagonia. I finally had the opportunity to know this place for the first time. We were invited, with other Chilean tour operators, by one that promotes this destination. They invited us with one specific mission, but first let me tell you a bit about this beautiful and unique experience.

Patagonia and its parks are a dreamy destination for all the trekking and nature lovers (yes! That would be me!) I was in awe…with so much peace, joy, I got goose bumps watching those majestic mountains and gigantic glaciers. I felt like an “ant” in such greatness. Furthermore, I was the happiest woman in the world!

The colors of nature here are incredible as well: deep blues of the sky and glaciers, all kind of green colors: trees, bushes and grass, that get your soul. I felt like in a painting, drawn with love by the great artist and Creator who loves peculiarly details: these are no random. The air is so pure and clean that it is medicine for your body and soul; the sounds of the birds are perfect, perfect to “decorate” your hikes in such a way that there are moments you want to sing with them or you even have the feeling of being part of a Disney movie. The light of the sun’s rays that pass through the clouds is a smile from heaven.

Now let me tell you about the mission: There’s an initiative to encourage the arrival of tourists before high season (September / October) or even after (April).  During our visit we were able to enjoy all the benefits of visiting the place at this time of the year: good weather (it is not rainy), the trekking to the base of the Towers was covered with snow, and it was a sunny day. We also could experience the trek of the “W express”, this route consists in the following:

  • A full-day excursion from Puerto Natales to the base of the Towers. It was a good option since you do not need to stay in the park, and you can go back and have all the comfort of your hotel in Puerto Natales.
  • The trek continues the next day with an excursion on a boat on Lake Pehoe to reach the Paine Grande Refuge and continue trekking to the “Frances Valley”. Stay one night in Paine Grande.
  • Next destination is Refugio Grey. This hike has amazing views. You get to stay here for two nights, since you get to do the Trekking to the hanging bridges (3). Next day you go back to Puerto Natales.

It was so beautiful. Experiencing nature, with good weather and not having to take turns with tourists on the roads, and the best part: there’s availability in the park to stay. I highly recommend coming to know and live Torres del Paine off season. 

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