Video: Route of the Patagonia Parks

Patagonia Parks Route Video

The Patagonia Parks Route in Chile, Los Lagos Region, is an invitation to reconnect with wild nature, to recognize a unique culture in the world and to protect its incomparable beauty.

We invite you to discover it by being a responsible tourist valuing and respecting the natural and cultural heritage of local communities, so you will live a transformative experience through contemplation and adventure in a scenario of extraordinary landscapes.

Time Magazine: Patagonia National Park one of the 100 most extraordinary destinations in the World

Lago Jeinimeni Parque Nacional Patagonia

Many people who are reading the name Patagonia will think instinctively that the National Park Patagonia is Torres del Paine. But actually this park is much „younger“ than its bigger brother National Park Torres del Paine. Patagonia National Park was officially created in December 2018 and is located north of Torres del Paine in the beautiful region of Aysén.

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