Andes Nativa’s first approaches to domestic tourism and healthy lifestyle project

Andes Nativa Products

During this pandemic, we all learned that it is of great importance to be open to new possibilities if you want to survive as a business. After seeing that international tourism wouldn’t be a possibility in Chile for several months to come, we decided to start offering our services to locals for the first time, always with the high-quality service and accountability that characterizes Andes Nativa. 

We’ve also been working on a new project, somehow unrelated to tourism, but of a great importance to us because of what it implies. Andes Nativa has launched an online platform to promote a healthy and more conscious lifestyle. We’re communicating relevant information and also offering delicious products including local honey of our production, among other marvelous by-products from the bees which include pollen, propolis and royal jelly, provided by local producers. We are also considering offering more products in the future, like the wonderful probiotic drink Kombucha.

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