Chile develops a new alliance with National Geographic Creative Works to inspire travelers from around the world

Inside National Park Torres del Paine

The ‘A Passion for Chile’ campaign will run through 2021 on National Geographic’s official global website.

Through its campaign ‘A passion for Chile’, the Ministry for Tourism seeks to inspire tourists from all over the world, those who plan their trips through National Geographic and its multiple platforms, thus consolidating an unprecedented alliance, as it is the first country in Latin America to do so.

Chile will showcase articles, videos, photo galleries and itineraries hosted at, focusing on experiences associated with adventure and nature tourism, hand in hand with the awards that Chile has won in recent times and ratified in 2020 at the World Travel Awards, when it won the awards for Best Adventure Tourism Destination and Best Green Destination.

Read the first story by Krista Rossow “Venture into Chile’s wild open spaces: In a country filled with stunning natural beauty, adventures abound in every kind of terrain.“.

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