Cruceros Australis environmental sustainability


Andes Nativa is always interested in taking care of nature. That´s why we share measures taken by Cruceros Australis

Andes Nativa will always be happy about measures that help taking care of the planet and support local business. That is why we want to share some measures that Cruceros Australis has taken to develop a social and environmental responsibility. We want to congratulate them and hope more companies which we work with will also support the sustainable development of tourism in Chile.

Here are measures that Cruceros Australis has developed:

Work with local people and suppliers

The place where they operate, Tierra del Fuego, in the southern end of Chile, is a remote and isolated place from the rest of the country. That’s why they prioritize working with local people and suppliers. The majority of our their crew is from the southern part of the country. They also offer local products on the menu, such as Magellanic Lamb and beer produced in Punta Arenas.

Collaborate with science and research on Patagonia

Costa Australis collaborate with the VCE program, which links scientific institutions with private companies in the region. Australis give transport and logistics to scientists who are conducting research on Patagonia. They train their guides to collaborate permanently with these investigations, training them in activities such as watersampling and phenological analysis. In this program, Costa Australis work with CEQUA Research Center and the University of Magallanes, both in Punta Arenas, the city where their operation is based.

The scientific studies that are made with Costa Australis colaboration are shared with their passengers, who become aware of the importance of the Patagonian ecosystem. In addition, passengers participate in talks about the local culture and geological phenomena, emphasizing the importance of preserving this remote corner of the Earth. In both vessels, they have libraries with books on Patagonia.

Plastic &Paperless campaigns and concern for the environment

Costa Australis avoid the use of 75,000 plastic bottles every season, giving their passengers reusable souvenir canteens which they can refill with purified water. Costa Australis also installed an intranet network –AustralisNet- as digital information which keeps their passengers informed, avoiding the use of paper. Generally speaking, they conduct their operations to minimize any action that may harm the environment. In the places they disembark, Costa Australis maintains wooden walkways to avoid erosion of the places they walk and passengers are required to clean their shoes with a special liquid to eliminate any foreign microorganisms before disembarking in any park.

The ships have technologies that help minimizing water consumption and the marine diesel they consume –MGO- is one of the least sulfur containing in the world. The propellant engines and generators are TIER II certified for the limit of nitrous oxide emissions. They have sustainable technologies that help reducing the carbon footprint, such as LED lighting system, sewage treatment plants and an organic wastecrushing system.  

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