Andes Nativa educating first-year students of the INACAP Institute


Andes Nativa had the great opportunity to teach first-year students of the INACAP Institute

Andes Nativa was chosen by the institute Inacap to teach their students about what a tour operator is and to talk about the organization. This as part of an activity organized specifically for first-year students.

The director of the tourism career and creator of this initiative, Juan Alberto Peñeipil, wants students to have a first encounter with areas where they can work in the future, and with that get a “real” knowledge and encounter with tourism business during their first year.

The students during their first year get lots of theoretical knowledge, but they’re not very knowledgeable about how tourism companies operate. We were happy to welcome 30 students in our office, all interested in learning about our company.

All students, mainly from different cities in southern Chile, such as Puerto Montt, Isla de Chiloe, Hornopiren, Futaleufu, Punta Arenas, etc. have made great efforts to study tourism and becoming future entrepreneurs! We feel honored being part of helping them to choose what they want to do in their future.

We introduced 3 modules about the organization within the company, the importance of the service quality, and finally, the important role of a travel organizer. Furthermore, we are happy to contribute to the knowledge of these young people who want to give their best for improving the development of tourism in Chile.

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