Time Magazine: Patagonia National Park one of the 100 most extraordinary destinations in the World

Lago Jeinimeni Parque Nacional Patagonia
Patagonia National Park – The younger brother of Torres del paine

Many people who are reading the name Patagonia will think instinctively that the National Park Patagonia is Torres del Paine. But actually this park is much “younger” than its bigger brother National Park Torres del Paine. Patagonia National Park was officially created in December 2018 and is located north of Torres del Paine in the beautiful region of Aysén.

Highlighting its enormous beauty and its international quality as a nature and adventure destination, the U.S. magazine Time has chosen Patagonia National Parkas one of the 100 best places in the world to visit and explore.

But, in addition to its landscapes, the prestigious publication also emphasizes the investment in sustainability that has been made in this park, which is part of the State’s System of Protected Wildlife Areas and has an area of more than 300,000 hectares.

“The park has become a beacon of clean energy. Since last September it has been operating with 100% renewable energy, thanks to the installation of a new hydroelectric-solar micro-grid,” says Nadia-Elysse Harris’s description.

More Information:

Patagonia National Park: conaf.cl/parques/parque-nacional-patagonia

Time Magazine Worlds Greatest Places 2021: time.com

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