National Park Morro Moreno

National Park Morro Moreno

Diversity of continental, marine, and insular environments

Morro Moreno National Park is located in the Mejillones Peninsula sector, Antofagasta Region, located in the Coastal Mountain Range between the municipalities of Antofagasta and Mejillones, in the province and Region of Antofagasta. It is located 65 kilometers north of the regional capital, its surface corresponds to a total of 7,313.89 hectares.

In this attractive place, there is a diversity of continental, marine and insular environments that have important and varied faunal, vegetational, geological-geomorphological, scenic and archaeological resources unique in Chile. The mountainous relief, ravines, hills and rocky outcrops, and misty vegetation formations, such as the coastal desert of Tocopilla, stand out.

The Morro Moreno National Park allows the establishment of 90 species of wild flora, some of which are unique to this place. To date, 195 species of wildlife have been reported, among which are the Chilla fox and little tern. Towards the coast it is possible to observe the Humboldt penguin, chungungo, the southern fur seal, among others.

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