Lauca National Park — Visit Mountainous Nature, Volcanos and Fascinating Wildlife

Parque Nacional Lauca en Chile

Mountainous Lauca National Park in the north of Chile has one of the highest peaks in the world as well as volcanoes and wildlife.

Lauca National Park was created in 1970. It covers an area of 137,883 hectares, including areas of foothills and Altiplano highlands. Administratively, it belongs to the commune of Putre, province of Parinacota, Region of Arica and Parinacota. In 1981, it was declared part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

It is home to unique flora, with endemic species, some of which of great medicinal importance. The fauna includes vicuñas, guanacos, vizcachas, foxes, quirquinchos, pumas, tarucas, suris or ñandús and a great variety of birds such as flamingos.

The Lauca National Park ecosystem is home to the Aymara people, one of the indigenous Andean cultures. The Aymara people managed to adapt to the ecological conditions of the Altiplano highlands and the desert, creating complex and effective agricultural, livestock and social organization systems. During our tour The Aymara Experience you will have the possibility to know more about this fascinating people. 

The National Forest Corporation or CONAF (Corporación Nacional Forestal) in Chile is responsible for all national parks. Find more information about Lauca National Park, opening times and contacts on the CONAF website.

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Lauca Nacional Park in Chile

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