National Park Kawesqar – Impressive mosaic of glaciers, mountains, fjords, and lakes

National Park Kawesqar

The Chilean National Park Kawesqar landscapes are a mosaic composed of mountain ranges, forests, glaciers, fjords, lakes, wetlands, and valleys that make up virgin ecosystems of unequaled beauty. It is one of Chile’s nearly untouched pieces of nature and habitat of a great diversity of species.

The national park is located in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Region and includes the western archipelagos of the provinces of Última Esperanza and Magallanes. It is the second-biggest national park of Chile and formerly known as Alacalufes National Reserve.

The area stands out for the protection of fauna species such as the culpeo fox and the huemul. In marine environments, there are leopard seals, whales, and southern and Chilean dolphins. In addition, there are birds such as the fío-fío, southern churrín and giant woodpecker. As for flora, there are evergreen trees, such as the Magellan coigüe, Güaitecas cypress and cinnamon tree.

The relatively new national park Kawesqar is part of the eight initiatives of the Chilean Patagonia National Parks Network, which was agreed between the State of Chile and the foundations and organizations linked to Douglas and Kristine Tompkins.

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