Descandants of the Inca Tour in Atacama

Best trip to Chile and Argentina through Atacama Desert

8 days/7 nights tour

This unique combination of two fascinating regions in both Chile and Argentina provides an insight into the way of life of its native people: The Atacameños on the Chilean side, and the Kolla Indians on the Argentine side. Both indigenous groups have adapted themselves to contemporary times without renouncing their old customs and traditions. Tourism offers a source of income that helps to preserve and even revive these traditions.

Begin your journey in the mining city of Calama, where you pick up your rental car right at the airport upon arrival. Your first ride takes you through the driest desert of the world to your hotel in the nearby desert oasis of San Pedro de Atacama. There are a lot of places of interest nearby; if you arrive early enough, we recommend visiting the Moon Valley at sunset. From the highest dune of the valley, enjoy fantastic views over its bizarrely shaped desert rocks and observe how the last rays of sunshine bathe the valley in bright shades of orange, red and violet.Overnight at a hotel in San Pedro de Atacama

Today you leave San Pedro and continue your journey to Argentina. The Andes crossing via the Jama Pass takes you through spectacular landscape. The day ends in the colorful village of Purmamarca, which is mainly inhabited by the Kollas people, descendants of the Inca.Overnight at a hotel in Purmamarca

Continue north to the village of Iruya, situated in the midst of majestic rock faces. The Kolla people that live here have kept their traditions alive for more than 250 years until today, including costumes and houses. The village with its narrow-cobbled streets lined by brick, stone and straw buildings possesses its very own charm.Overnight at a hotel in Iruya

Enjoy Iruya’s relaxed atmosphere and take things slow today. We recommend visiting the old Inca fortress Pukara de Titiconte.Overnight at a hotel in Iruya

Get on the road again and drive through stunning Andes landscape to the historic village of Tilcara. A visit to one of the many handicraft markets is obligatory here!Overnight at a hotel in Tilcara

After crossing the Andes via the Jama Pass once again, you return to Chile. Continue on to San Pedro de Atacama, where a special experience awaits: Stay with a local family in the nearby Atacameño community of Coyo for two nights.Overnight at a family house in Coyo

Today you have the opportunity to participate in a two-hour-hike with llamas on ancient Inca Trails. The Atacama Salt Lake is a worthwhile destination for a day trip as well.Overnight at a family house in Coyo

After breakfast, drive back to Calama Airport and drop off your rental car here. You have the option to continue your journey from here or to take a connecting flight back home via Santiago.

Tour includes:

7 nights accommodation, daily breakfast, 7 days car rental incl. CDW with 300 USD deductible, unlimited mileage, Airport Service Charge, Permission Argentina for 15 days, programmed GPS.